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Shopper Marketing – Reaching Consumers Anytime, Anywhere

BARD has been delivering integrated shopper marketing programs that drive revenue for clients for over 18 years. Shopper marketing understands the behavior of both the shopper and the consumer, defining the path to purchase and the moment of truth. The process includes defining the brand strategy, then leveraging data and insights that benefit the brand, consumers, retailers and shoppers.

Shopper marketing begins with market research, trends and insights within the target demographic, product category and competitive overviews. BARD’s approach looks at the complete buying cycle, beginning when a customer first researches or considers buying a product, all the way to the purchase moment and post purchase, where brand loyalty and affinity takes place.

Creating An Omnichannel Experience

Consumers demand an omnichannel experience, being able to purchase anytime, anywhere, on any platform or device. That’s why BARD’s strategies develop from trends and insights to determine the key consumer touchpoints and delivering messages to ensure action.

BARD’s program results include both developing the integrated shopper marketing strategy and being able to execute programs that drive revenue and ensure brand’s success.

As consumers’ behavior continues to evolve with the growth of mobile technology, BARD will be at the forefront of developing strategies that drive sales. You can read more about our client results here.



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