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  • Mom, Dad, Grandma and the Kids Under One Roof

    Picture this: a car full of laundry baskets heaping with clothes, storage bins, bed sheets, school books, boxes of macaroni and cheese and other items that aren’t-really-nutritious-but-won’t-go-bad-and-you-don’t-even-have-to-cook-it type foods. Mom is holding back her tears because she can’t get over how fast eighteen years went, and Dad stands proudly, reminding his soon-to-be a college student …

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  • Can Companies Keep Up With Social Media?

    Gone are the days of traditional emails. Well, maybe not completely, but you would be hard pressed to log on to any news or industry website and not find an article regarding how social media is going to rule the world.  We hear it every day– Facebook now gets more daily hits than the Internet …

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  • Consumers + Coupons

    Consumers’ behaviors are ever-changing, particularly in a time such as this where the economic downturn has forced shoppers to reconsider the way disposable income is spent. While many consumers have become more price-centric and are willing to trade down, they are also giving in to the small indulgences in life such as trips to the …

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