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Smartphone Shopping Apps: Shopper Expo Highlights

Minneapolis hosted the Shopper Expo conference last week, presented by the Path to Purchase Institute. BARD attended and wanted to share some highlights.


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From the seminar, “How Smart Are Smartphone Shopping Apps: Know What Women (and Men Want),” we learned insights about the Hispanic shopper. The Hispanic shopper is using a shopping list and mobile coupons. They also shop weekly and plan together with their spouse.

The shopping experience is moving from a matriarchy to a democracy. Forty-three percent of men are doing half or more of the shopping in the household.

Seventy percent of consumers go to 5+ retailers per month.

Mobile app downloads do not equal usage. Fifty percent of users download apps and then delete them, which is why looking at in-app stats and usage is what’s important, not how many apps have been downloaded. There is currently a 19% abandonment of apps after the first encounter. App users also tend to be the harshest critics.

Shoppers want personalization and integration. Five of the seven features shoppers look at within grocery (out of a total of 18 features) include coupons, budgeting, tracking savings and spending. On average, shoppers regularly use 3.4 coupon methods*.

Price is the main worry of shoppers today.

The challenge for marketers is how to make savings emotional for the shopper. Ideally all steps of the shopper journey include the following:

  • Planning
  • Navigation
  • Purchase
  • Tracking, organization and management

Keep in mind that shoppers care about their problem, not the solution. Building loyalty with the shopper is an opportunity to create an emotional connection with personalized, relevant information. Part of tapping into insights to drive loyalty and build effective programs is keeping up to date on the non-grocery digital life of the shopper.

Source: InMar 2015 Shopper Study.

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