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The Goal of an Advertiser’s Facebook Page

As of  November 2011, there are more than 800 million users on Facebook. With more than 50% of Facebook users logging on to Facebook in any given day as well as Facebook users spending an average of 450 minutes per month on Facebook versus 230 minutes on Google, Facebook has become “the” choice for Social Media especially for advertisers. Advertisers are compelled to provide some level of presence which includes a Facebook page, as well as proactive advertising through display ads, sponsored stories and text ads targeted at consumer profiles relevant to the brands.

According to a recent webinar conducted by Covario, the top Facebook goals are:

  • Driving sales is the number one priority of advertisers with their social media programs in general, and their Facebook page in specific.
  • However, a combined 47% see the goal as driving engagement and driving brand awareness, and another 14% say they are driving friends.
  • Overall, 65% are using their social media programs, and their Facebook pages, to drive “soft” conversions – not explicit sales.

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