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Millennial Moms in the U.S.

According to a new report from BabyCenter and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), millennial moms use mobile as a key tool and shopping companion in her daily life. The basic lifestyle of a mom and how she spends her day on the go raising her children, taking care of her household and trying to find time for herself is the same old story, but now you need to factor in that she is more than likely a working mom and may be single. Sixty-one percent of births to millennial moms are to unmarried women.

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According to comScore, there are 13 million millennial moms in the U.S. with a combined purchasing power estimated at $170 billion in annual spending. This blog will provide insight into who these women are, how they are shopping and how to reach them. For purposes of this report, when we reference millennial moms we are referring to millennial moms in the U.S.

The average age of the first time mom is 25.8. There are nearly 4MM births in the U.S. with 83% of new moms being classified as millennial moms. Typically she is a working mom and unmarried. She has learned to live on her own since 52% do not have extended family nearby. Sixty-two percent of dads are pitching in.

How Millennial Moms Shop

The average amount moms spend on a child annually is $13,127. While average millennials count on word-of-mouth to make their purchase decisions, millennial moms state safety as their number one criteria when making everyday purchases. However, recommendations by other parents still fair well with a 51% rate. It is clear that becoming a mom triggers a total brand re-evaluation on how they shop. She now looks for products that simply her life, are convenient to purchase, provide good value, and are safe.

Since becoming a mom, her online shopping has increased as well. Forty-five percent of millennial moms do up to 25% of their shopping online, while 23% do half or more of their shopping online. When asked, what are you more likely to purchase online since becoming a mom, millennial moms state that 44% of apparel, 43% of electronics and 30% of financial services are now bought online. She is least likely to purchase groceries online.

Engaging Millennial Moms

Ninety percent of millennial moms own a smartphone and 57% own a tablet. These days millennial moms spend 35% more time online on a smartphone than on their PC or laptop. They are so good at multitasking that 55% of millennial moms use their smartphone while also watching TV.

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To aid in their on-the-go lifestyle, millennial moms use mobile as a tool and as the ultimate shopping companion. Eight-one percent of millennial moms use their phone in-store.

  • 62% search for/download mobile coupons
  • 51% search for better prices elsewhere
  • 51% search for recipes
  • 46% text photos or videos to other people to ask their opinions
  • 44% search for or read product reviews
  • 17% make online purchases of products they see in store

When advertising to millennial moms, 71% prefer deals and sales and 62% want ads that are relevant to their lifestyle or children’s ages. Just like other millennials, they want marketers to be real, provide relevant content and have clear messaging. When defining that strategic connection, remember their consumer journey starts with raising her children, to running a household to taking care of herself. Include mobile within your plan and track the data. Millennial moms are ever changing and to stay relevant marketers need to change with her.

Sources: BabyCenter 21st Century Mom® Insight Series: 2015 State of Modern Motherhood Report, co-sponsored by IAB, February 2015.

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