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Omnichannel Marketing Is Here To Stay

Omnichannel marketing has been coined the latest buzzword. In truth, with marketing evolving into more of a 1:1 connection with the audience, omnichannel is vital for retailers, marketers, data scientists, and most of all, the consumer. A true omnichannel experience provides the customer with a seamless and integrated shopping experience whether they are shopping on their phone, in-store, tablet, desktop, etc.


For example, an omnichannel experience may be a consumer shopping online via desktop, abandoning the cart, and receiving an email within a few hours with an incentive offer to complete their purchase. Continuing the conversation after their purchase is key to ensuring your affinity with the brand. From a retailer perspective, all shopping channels operate from the same database of products, prices, promotions, etc.

We believe omnichannel is here to stay and are focusing on the integration of new technology, including mobile payments, coupons, iBeacon platforms, augmented reality, and wearable devices.

Omnichannel retail leaders include Apple, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target and Walmart. Within omnichannel, promotions are not channel specific, but consistence across all platforms. Marketing programs become more specific to the consumer based on data insights, purchase patterns, social media behavior, website visits, loyalty programs and other forms of data mining.


A recent consumer survey conducted by MarketLive indicates that 36% of holiday shoppers will be purchasing gifts via mobile phone this year and 70% of shoppers are likely to research on their mobile phones the gifts they find in retail stores. In addition, 49% will make a purchase because of a social referral, and 44% intend to discover new products via social networks.

Next week Minneapolis will be hosting the annual Shopper Marketing Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Omnichannel is a key topic at the event so watch for updates on our blog and via Twitter @BARDadvertising.

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