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Shopper Marketing Leads Advertising and Promotions

In 2010, BARD Advertising predicted that Shopper Marketing would continue to grow and become the most effective 360 degree view of the shopper at the individual level instead of the aggregate level creating a paradigm shift between traditional and new marketing methods. In addition, there would continue to be a realignment of manufacturer, retailer and agency roles. Collaborations within and between teams would produce Shopper Marketing solutions that would increase purchase intent and drive profitable, incremental volume.

As predicted, in a recent study by Grocery Manufacturers Association and Booz & Company, Shopper Marketing emerges as the fastest-growing sector of Advertising and Promotions.


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  1. AppointmentSettingMatt
    08:04 pm AT 08:04 pm

    Social media is a big help for promoting site but still telemarketing is the best way marketing strategy. Thanks for this post.

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