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Consumer Marketing

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National Retail and Consumer Promotion

How do you entice little girls to play with Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) pets and continually buy more? BARD developed the push-pull marketing strategy, Littlest Pet Shop Pets on Parade. By creating a virtual online parade and an in-store parade where girls could interact with their LPS pets, BARD drove both existing and new LPS consumers to retail to purchase LPS products.

And purchase they did! The promotion generated a 211% sales lift, 210 million impressions, the highest Saturday sales except for the three weeks prior to Christmas, and the highest total sales for any Hasbro brand.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing
  • Demo Program
  • Co-Marketing with EA™ and Walmart Photo Center
  • Interactive Game Web Site
  • Email Campaign
  • Print, On-Line and TV Advertising
  • Direct Mail Campaign

Aligning Brand Marketing and Retail-Specific Programming

What started as a 4-week Back-to-School pitch to secure Johnson & Johnson placement in Target resulted in a 3-month health and beauty slotting thanks to BARD’s strategically tween-centric solution. We combined the power of on-pack with the ear bud craze then amplified it by offering a range of ear bud colors to drive a “must-have” response. With a bonus gift that was totally on-brand and in-demand, it’s no surprise the impulse-buying target audience drove multi-purchase rings in their quest to collect ‘em all.

J&J cleaned up with double-digit results, proving that this Clean & Clear program was a clear win.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing
  • End Cap Display
  • PDQ Development
  • Packaging Development

Driving Incremental Sales

How do you move cereal during Frozen Food Month, a time historically reserved for frozen food categories? With an irresistible offer. By re-directing coupon dollars, BARD developed a strategic Shopper Marketing program that racked up multiple purchases by offering a FREE Limited Edition cereal bowl with every 3-box purchase. Featuring an in-store demo to kick-off the event, offering three collectible designs, and using a cross-promotional dairy case tie-in for FREE ½ gallon of private label milk, boosted awareness, participation and most importantly sales. In fact, the event was so successful, General Mills made this an annual program with BARD directing each one.

Heating up Frozen Food Month for seven years running! The promotion positioned General Mills as the category leader during the same time period for the seventh year in a row and generated an on-average, annual case lift of 80% over base line from each previous year with the first year generating 199%.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing
  • Store-Level Cross Promotion
  • Demo Program
  • Consumer Offer

Increasing Sales and Driving Brand Awareness

How do you connect with independent deli operators to increase brand sales? Create a program that rewards everyone in the distribution channel. To increase sales of Land O’Lakes cheese brands in independent delis throughout the Northeastern U.S., BARD developed a strategic marketing program with unique incentives for every audience along the distribution channel. The full-circle strategy rewarded participation of distributors, sales reps, independent deli operators and consumers throughout the promotion’s lifecycle.

Sales increased on average over 50% from the previous years sales during the same time period—even after a product price increase.

But more importantly, the program allowed Land O’ Lakes to capture the names and addresses of these independent deli operators, who were previously untapped and unreachable. Paving the way for future successes.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing — multiple delis in the NE
  • Market Specific
  • Incentive Driven
  • Consumer Offer

Co-Marketing Promotion

Pillsbury wanted to sell Refrigerated Pie Crusts into Walmart Supercenters without using a direct or broker sales force and they assigned BARD to the task. We realized with the right concept, this promotion could fill an important need within the local community, so we rallied support from local schools by developing a strategic co-marketing program called “Baking for Education.” This push-pull concept allowed Pillsbury and Walmart to benefit from an educational halo while utilizing schools to promote the program in return for FREE educational software.

80% of the targeted stores participated in the program and each store had multiple area schools participating.  The end result was sweet as pie with over 2,065 Newton’s Apple Education Software packages distributed to schools in the Northeast.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing
  • Community Based Program
  • Consumer Offer

Making a Direct Connection with the Target Guest

When the West Nile virus scare hit, SC Johnson wanted to help protect Target guests, enlisting BARD for strategy and execution. Our strategic brand-building program reinforced prevention and education with consumer brochures placed in key, high-traffic areas throughout the store. The program also provided prevention content on the Target website, positioning them as a trusted, go-to resource for health and wellness.

The safety-first positioning was the smart choice for healthy sales. By putting the Target Guest first, SC Johnson was able to increase units sold across multiple brands without offering any discounts or coupons.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing
  • Customer Marketing
  • Retail Sell-In
  • Co-Marketing Program
  • Digital Marketing

New Product Launch

Omojo Health USA offers a balanced approach to skin care with nutritional supplements and facial serums packaged together. Their goal was to secure placement in big box and on-line retailers, and BARD delivered.

We reinforced the product’s balanced approach with a positioning platform that aligned Omojo with yoga – a highly popular pursuit of the product’s target audience. Our consumer-friendly packaging showcased the dual-product solution and provided easy-to-shop, color-coding based on product benefits. We developed the selling story for retailers to clearly define the business case and opportunity. We also crafted an integrated marketing plan featuring in-home, in-market and in-store solutions.

Doors swung open thanks to our strategic know-how: Within 6 months of product launch, national distribution was secured in over 10,000 stores and 6 online retail partners.

  • Package Development
  • Brand Development and Positioning
  • Retail Sell-In
  • Brand Collateral
  • In-Store End Caps, PDQs and Shelving Displays
  • Trade Show Materials

Push/Pull Marketing Campaign

When General Mills requested a push-pull strategy encouraging consumers to shop by brand instead of by category, BARD tapped the power and convenience of technology to attract more consumers. Shoppers were able to receive exclusive coupons and special offers. To make it more enticing, consumers where able to opt-in to receive discounts on their favorite, specific brands, allowing them to add Progresso Soup to their shopping lists versus the generic category item, soup.

This in-box promotion definitely attracted the in-crowd: The program boosted sales, achieved a 51.9% open rate and produced a 200%+ increase in Facebook Likes.

  • Retail Specific Shopper Marketing
  • Demo Programming
  • Texting Campaign
  • Email Blasts
  • Print and On-Line Advertising
  • In-Store POS
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Blogging Campaign


Our Clients

Making an impact throughout the consumer journey is key to BARD’s success with clients. Our shopper marketing expertise captures and converts consumers at each touch point along the path to purchase. BARD delivers integrated consumer marketing campaigns that produce double and triple results for our clients.


Retail Experience

We understand that a successful partnership between manufacturers and their retailers needs to impact the category for it to be a win.

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