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Financial Marketing

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Brand Development and Positioning

With independent banks throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, Community Bancshares desired brand unity among its locations. BARD strategically outlined each brand, and its attributes with the objective of defining a single brand umbrella. The winning solution allowed each bank to function as a stand-alone branch while still aligning with the overarching brand. We then utilized these integrated brand identities to develop lifestyle point-of-sale and take-away marketing materials that emotionally engaged customers.

To reinforce consistency across the independent branches and ensure continued success, BARD prepared a comprehensive brand manual to guide the individual efforts of each branch’s marketing manager.

  • New Logo Development
  • Brand Identity with Manual
  • Bank Lobby Campaign
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Brand Collateral

Full-Circle Engagement

When responding to requests from Fortune 100 companies, American Express needed to differentiate their Retirement Services from competitors. BARD developed a winning program that combined a tailored response with pre-mailers, educational elements and follow-up materials. Each campaign specifically addressed the unique culture and needs of the targeted company, and showcased how American Express Retirement Solutions could best meet these needs. While AMEX prepared the RFP specifics, BARD developed creative solutions to match. This high-touch, custom approach demonstrated the commitment and personalized attention of American Express Retirement Services.

Using this one-on-one positioning and full-circle engagement allowed American Express to win 10 of the first 13 RFPs submissions it prepared with this strategy. The increased work propelled the growth of their Retirement Services department from 3 employees to 45.

  • Print and On-Line Advertising
  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • Signage
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Brand Collateral

Rebranding and Positioning

With three divisions sporting different identities, Financial Concepts knew it was missing the marketing efficiencies and strength of a unified brand. BARD jumped on the opportunity to develop a strategic marketing plan that integrated the units. We established a new overall brand identity system starting with a logo that reflected stability and comprehensiveness. We chose a color palette that conveyed confidence and selected compelling, emotional photography, opting for black and white images to further set them apart from other financial services groups. We established marketing materials for each of the divisions and developed the brand standards manual to ensure ongoing consistency, illustrating how brand elements worked across all touch points for future deployments.

The individual efforts of each division now work to serve the overall organization and Financial Concepts has a consistent marketplace presence that distinctly differentiates the company from their competition.

  • Logo and Tagline Development
  • Rebranding and Positioning
  • Brand Identity with Manual
  • Brand Collateral

Brand Positioning and Awareness

When Dougherty Commercial Properties (DCP) was ready to expand into fund management, they called on BARD to help them break new ground. After examining the wealth management sector, we developed a strategic marketing plan that capitalized on the company’s stability, strength and trusted reputation.

With an integrated solution that included brand collateral, website development and PR, we gave their new division a competitive edge and set the course for future growth in the market.

  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Development
  • PR Campaign


Our Clients

Succeeding in the competitive financial services landscape requires differentiation and specific audience targeting. BARD’s in-depth research into client and industry specific trends and insights fuels strategic marketing plans with financial industry firepower.

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