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Medical Marketing

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Driving Trade Show Leads

After previously disappointing tradeshow efforts, NMDP tapped BARD for strategic guidance. Knowing our challenge was to increase booth traffic, lengthen visitor engagement time and increase booth leads. We developed a program focused on their two main targets: referring physicians and transplant center personnel. Our dual marketing strategy featured pre-show mailers and a two-sided booth that specifically addressed each audience with relevant messaging and information. To boost in-booth engagement and illustrate the complexity of bone marrow transplants, we created a “Case Challenge Game” to test booth visitors’ transplant knowledge and provide valuable facts on NMDP. The game became a hot spot for collegial interaction during the show. Each participant “won” a USB drive loaded with NMDP information and new patient education materials, to promote the work of the NMDP long after the show ended.

Post-show reports recorded their most successful tradeshow event to date with a 50% increase in leads over the previous year.

  • Trade Show Booth and Signage
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Interactive On-Site Games
  • Pre-Show Direct Mailers
  • Attendee Participation Giveaway

New Product Launch

Novartis Nutrition took a forward-thinking approach for their new product, Arginaid. Initially slated for bulk delivery to hospital foodservice markets, the Novartis team was planning a future retail launch and wanted a consumer-friendly identity and consumer-friendly packaging right out of the gate. BARD developed a strategic brand foundation including positioning and logo, and then designed a sharp, clean package with appetite appeal and easy flavor identification for the shelf-stable pack.

The advance planning worked and Arginaid is now a household name within the marketplace, pulling market share away from competitor Ensure® and quickly establishing them as an industry leader.

  • Logo Development
  • Package Development
  • Brand Development and Positioning
  • Brand Collateral

New Product Launch

Seeking FDA approval for a complex, C-3 drug is no easy feat. Especially when the FDA says you have two weeks to produce a video that explains your distribution plans, marketing strategy, safety precautions and other key factors, as well as submit all marketing materials for evaluation. Despite the aggressive schedule, complexity of information and number of deliverables involved, BARD’s expertise in strategy and execution met the challenge in supporting the launch of Xyrem, a drug developed to treat narcolepsy.

The fast-action paid off! Orphan Medical received FDA approval of Xyrem and BARD continued their strategic support by developing brand launch materials for the medical community and patient populations.

  • FDA Approval Materials
  • Video Production
  • Brand Collateral
  • Customer Marketing


Our Clients

Managing the complex requirements within medical industry marketing while creating emotional connections with patients, doctors and health care professionals is BARD’s prescription for success. Whether launching a new drug or medical device, rebranding a medical facility or educating the marketplace, our strategic medical marketing programs make a difference.

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