• Consumer Marketing

    Bricks and clicks. Strategically engage shoppers via mobile, social, online and in-store with trends and insights.


    Be a catalyst. Create an emotional connection between health care organizations and patients, while skillfully navigating complex industry guidelines.


    Deliver value. Elevate your market's position by delivering content and product information that serves customers at the right time in the right place.


    Inspire Buyers. Develop marketing that engages action, fuels new opportunities and drives revenue.

  • Creating Strategic Connections that
    Engage Customers and Drive Business Growth

    It all happens with BARD

    We turn proprietary data into powerful business drivers. By applying current trends and insights to our strategic planning, we deliver smarter solutions that deliver stronger ROI for clients. Creating the right connections engages customers and drives business growth.

  • Driving Client Results

    In today’s world, the best marketers know how to connect their brand or service to its desired audience and most importantly, get them to react by purchasing or engaging with the service or brand. At BARD we understand personalization marketing and how each consumer journey is unique. We develop strategic programs that build brand equity and increase sales.


    BARD’s strategic approach is driven by marketplace trends and data. Our focus is to create a one-to-one connection between the customer and product or service. For nearly twenty-five years, we’ve been helping clients drive sales and ROI. Let’s have a conversation about how we can help your organization.




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    Great connections start with a conversation. Strategic connections start with BARD. 

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